How do I detect fake Cheltenham festival tickets 2016

Organizers are met with unnecessary problems encountering customers with purchasing of fake cheltenham festival tickets 2016 whereby they have to face a number of issues in handling the huge number of customers coming over without having a proper seat reservation. There are number of other competitors planning to create a disturbance in the crowd as they tend to issue fake tickets for the festival.

Encountering fake ticket issue

Customers with fake ticket are not an easy to detect if the organizers are not aware of it. A lot of time they are put up on intense pressure from their top management personnel to have carried out double check of tickets available with the customers at the time of entry into stadium. Possible actions to be taken against the fake ticket are:

· Making sure the customers passes through the scanner whereby they are in a position to detect the fake ticket accurately

· The organizers needs to be very strict while printing the tickets keeping in view confidentially of the event

· The employees should be trained not to disclose the details to any other outsider

These are few tips whereby organizer can easily detect the fake tickets.